Monday, December 29, 2008


jie jie put me on the chair don't let me go down..
so bad!! any dog can rescue me??

put me down!!!grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

i beg u..pls..i will become a good boy ok.. :(

Saturday, December 27, 2008

my birthday present..

my birthday is on 18th dec 2004... so i'm 4 yrs old now...jie jie said i'm already a big boy not a baby...but i still prefer people calling me baby..:(.. jie jie bought a bone for me...i don't like to play coz hard 2 carry the bone around n nothing 2 bite.. ><"... got present for me?

this is my bone...

bite bite bite~~

so tired...

don't touch my bone...

i look so happy....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My blue car..:P

ermm...what is this??

is this car for me??

it's mine..i let you(jiejie) take my pic..

what??!! it's not mine?? i don't wan to look at u..hmmpphh!

u give me the car then i will make a nice pose..

i'm so happy..jie jie said this car is mine now :P

is this pose nice?

or this pose is better?

not nice??

how about this pose?^_^

Thursday, December 18, 2008

shower time..

i don't like 2 take shower...everytime when i c my mum put the pail in the bathroom...i will start to hide...but jie jie always manage to found me n catch me><""....anydog hav any better idea 2 hide n run?? while i'm inside the bathroom, i still finding a way 2 runaway...but the door is closed always...i can't run..:(..mummy will keep talking to me while she is bathing thing i like in taking shower is i can hav a body massage...jie jie will massage my nice....after finished taking shower..mummy will take the hair dryer 2 blow dry me....while mummy is drying my fur..i will take the towel 2 bite...coz if mummy blow dry me without giving towel for me to bite..i will keep running around..

look at my big round head..><"

the water is so tasty...

p/s: i will add video 2 my post later..^_^

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

jie jie bring me walk in the park

i'm so happy jie jie bring me to walk in the park..but i'm sad too..coz i can't find my friends to play...:( hope all doggies & doggies mummy enjoy seeing my pics.. ^_^)

i'm finding meow meow...meow~~where r u??

i see many cars n motors...but y i din c cats??

i can't c things that is far away from me i need 2 wear spec :P

jie jie always bring me to this place...

who's calling me??

hey u, stop making that whistle sound..

throw your rubbish pls...(Willie is looking at the rubbish men)

wow, so many rubbish, u r so hardworking.

i'm walking down the high stairs..

one two one two..i walk down slowly..

still got 2 more...i can do it..but i'm already tired..><"

so many birds flying around...i hope i can fly like a bird so jie jie don't need
to leash me n i can also fly freely..

walk for half hours already i still didn't c any sad..:(

i can't find any i try to find my friend ah boy...

where r u ah boy???

i'm so sad..i can't find cat n ah boy today..:'( jie jie let's go home...:(

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My furry friends

i have met two friends while i'm walking in the of my friend is a shih tzu, is a male, 6yrs old..he like to sniff my butt..but he dun let me to sniff his butt..oh ya, he like to hump me..mayb i'm too handsome? i juz like to sniff butt, i dun like any dogs to hump me..gorrrr~~
beside boyboy is a puppy juz 2mths old..but the owner let him out ><" i dunno what breed is him..this puppy scare of me..i want to play with him but he runaway..bad puppy!

can't c our faces coz we keep movin around..
can u c me trying to sniff boy's butt..:P

when this puppy c us playing together he wanna join also..but we don't care

he's humping me..i keep moving when he's he only gets to hump
my head..

this is my friend...i scare of him..coz he growl and bark at me when sees me
from far away...

he keep barking at me make me so scare..the owner pulled him away..

he's the one who likes to hump me and likes jie jie to carry him..he's also
willing to follow jie jie go home..><" when the maid want to carry him back
he growl at the maid... (jiejie: this shih tzu very cute n nice 2 hug..he like be
carried like a baby..the tongue will stick out..:P i wanna bring him home..
willie:no, jie jie u can't take him home, i will bark at him non-stop!!)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

my favourite place to sleep

i have a bed to sleep but the bed sheet haven't wash so now i always sleep under the bed...but now i've find a very comfortable place for me to sleep.

this is my favourite place to sleep nowadays..actually this place is to put the
phone..but i will push away the phone and go in to comfy..:P

my red sweater

jie jie ordered a red sweater online..she said the sweater look very nice and suits me..after one week of ordering, the sweater finally arrived..the postmen press the bell and i bark to welcome him to give me the present..the postmen look for jie jie and ask her to sign..i tot i'm the one who sign it but y jie jie?any dog can tell me? actually this sweater is not jie jie buy for me, ko ko buy for me..coz jie jie ask him to buy...i love my ko ko..muakss..u r so good to me..jie jie wanted to buy the pink colour actually but gor gor said pink is for girl girl one...this jie jie, y always wanna buy pink colour things for me?i'm not a girl i'm a boy!!! jiejie: willie, coz u look nice with pink colour things on you..gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~~~!!
time to show my sweater now...i've also posted the pics in some of the forums..

am i cute?

handsome?any doggy will fall in love with me?

many people said i look like eskimo dog, do i look like? some people tot this is
christmas suit....actually this is a sweater but the coat is thin coz M'sia so
hot ><"..i will wear this when it's raining coz i will feel cold..
can u all tell me which pic is the most handsome and cute? :P

oh yeah i still have a video of me barking...coz i'm hungry want to go down
but jie jie still wanna take a i keep barking...some people said my
barking is like it?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

before&after grooming..

last 2 weeks, my mum bring me for full grooming. I'm crying when i'm in the car coz i hate to go there. When my mum stop the car then i knew that we've reached that teribble place..normally when my mum stop the car i will go to my mum's there waiting my mum 2 open the door...but i keep running here and there in the car.. then i saw that petshop through the window....i keep crying n barking..i dun wanna go mum don't care me..she juz bring me in to that shop..once entered the shop, i'm shivering..i very scare...y she want to bring me here again...><"... mummy, jie jie dun bring me to that pet shop again ok!!

i will show my before and after grooming for u all to c..hope u all like it..

before grooming..

after grooming

do i look better after grooming or b4 grooming is better?hehe:P