Thursday, September 11, 2008

cake...yum yum~~

jie jie bf's(my koko) mum bake a big big cake for good...i love her so much...the cake is very tasty i can eat for 3 days..yum yum......

the cake is so big.....

jie jie put it on my small plate..looks yummy rite?

jie jie why u put it on the table..put it down faster i wanna eat!!

so yummy....

i've finished eating the cake...i want more!!..

i am so happy can eat this yummy cake...ask koko mummy 2 bake more for
me next time ya...^_^

jie jie put cloth on me while i am sleeping ><"

while i was sleeping, jie jie put the cloth on me...i still don't know coz i'm in my dreamland... after a few mins, i woke up...n i feel quite hot...i thought is the hot weather make me hot...but...nowadays keep raining..i should feel cold..but y i feel hot? i look at my body..omg....jie jie put the cloth on me!! that's y i felt so hot..jie jie keep saying that i look so cute.....i wan 2 bite it off!!!!! when i was sleeping, jie jie put this cloth on me..

i open my one eye to see what happen..

stupid cloth..make me feel so uncomfortable...i can sleep so nicely without the cloth..but now the cloth make me can't sleep!!stupid jie jie make me wear this cloth n take my pic...jiejie, u put this cloth on me again i will bite u...grrrrrr....but if u let me wear this cloth go kai kai...i will kiss u...