Tuesday, July 22, 2008


last 2 week, jie jie let me eat strawberry yoghurt..
she took the yoghurt out from the fridge then she scoop
a spoon 2 my small plate... i need 2 wait her finish first
i only can eat..coz it's cold i can't eat cold food..i will cough ><" so wait n wait.....finally i can eat the yoghurt yes!! the taste is so nice n sweet..yummy...n i get 2 eat the strawberry.. yum yum.. Photobucket
this is my small plate...hehe..

0% fat yoghurt...yummy..i want more pls!!

jie jie forgot take my pic when i eating yoghurt so u all can't see my greedy face.. :P

Saturday, July 5, 2008

i saw a cat!!

jie jie bring me go kai kai last fri..
i am so happy at first coz i think i can walk by myself..
but jie jie said she will carry me...sigh ><" i hate it...i can't walk wherever i want.. but nvm..i still can go kai kai hehe.. oh yeah..i saw a cat under a car..i was so excited.. at first i don't what's that coz i can't c clearly from far.. this is what i saw from far...the cat was looking at me?hehe.. Photobucket
as we go nearer n nearer...oh yes!!it's a cat!!i was so happy...
but the cat juz look at me then continue 2 sleep..
hey!!i'm so handsome..y don't u look at me for a longer time..
n also play with me? i am so lonely at home..no other furkids play with me..

see..the cat look at me?hehe...hope i can c this cat soon again..

after seeing the cat, jie jie bring me 2 the garden. She put me sit on the bench..
it's so comfortable in the garden..coz it's very windy...see my hairs r all fly up?haha..
so fun...jie jie plan to take another pic of me sitting here..but she can't make it..hehe..
coz i was beeing naughty there..i want to jump down..n run...but jie jie know my plan..
so once she saw me doing the sign of jumping down..jie jie carry me quickly..
n she beat my butt n said that i'm very naughty..it's time to go home ><"
i am sorry jie jie..i will never do this again..hope u forgive me..
i let my jie jie see my innocent look after came back from kai kai...
this works..jie jie carry me coz she said i look so pity..hahaha...:P