Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Fashion Show Part 3 ( i'm batdog..i can fly)

i'm batdog, i will do my best to rescue as many dogs..

i feel so tired after my rescuing mission...-.-

i fall asleep already...zzzzzzzzzzz...

i have a fit u all agree??

but jie jie said i'm fat not fit... :(

i have to continue my rescuing mission now..


nothing here..><" any dog out there who need help pls tell me....^_^

mandrine orange..yummy..

whenever i pass by i will sniff sniff mandrine orange...
i like t eat, but jie jie said chinese new year only let me eat..

sigh..need to wait..><"

look at my face..i'm happy back again coz jie jie said she is giving me
strawberry later..yummy..

My Fashion Show Part 2

hi everyone, many of u seen before this sweater right.
hope, you all won't feel boring ok....if u feel so...juz blame my
jie jie ok... coz she only bought a few clothes for me..><" my family will laugh when they c this pic.. is it very funny??
i look so happy...

my "lay down" pose...

same lay down pose.. take with different angle..

i refuse 2 look at the camera..hmmphh..

i can't c anything suddenly....what happen 2 my eyes??

bad jie jie, she cover my whole face with my hoodie..

i think i better sleep now..if not jie jie will disturb me again..><"


Friday, January 9, 2009

My Fashion Show Part 1

jie jie got nothing to do so she put the t-shirt on me and take pic..
my fashion show is very special coz i'm wearing the same shirt in every pics and also same sunglasses...hope u all enjoy my fashion show....i will post more fashion show pics in the next post....

my sunglasses..nice? sunglasses dropped..

is this pose nice?

same pose as previous pic..

i thought my sunglasses dropped already? y am i still wearing??

looks like sunshine boy...

looks so sleepy...

thinking when can i get a gf?

i look so cool in this pic..

i'm big brother..

stretchhhhhhh...finally finished my photo shooting..


this is my bed... comfortable...


still in dreamland...

don't want to show my face..