Monday, May 25, 2009

playing water in bath tub

after i finished taking shower, mummy carried me to the bath tub. The bath tub was a scary thing to me coz it's filled with half water and i'm wet again!! i thought my bath session already end but why mummy wet me again??i was so confused and scared. i don't dare to sit down and i keep asking for help...but my mum n jie jie keep laughing while looking at me!! they r so evil!!grrrrrrr!! can u dogs teach me how to punish them?? i heard jie jie said to mum that she will put me inside the bath tub again next!!!!

this place looks scary to me....:S

let me "taste" the water...

i need to find a way out from here...

help me!! anyone hears me??

i think i saw a leg...

mummy n jie jie pls help me!! i will b a good boy ok!!help me pls!!!

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