Friday, January 9, 2009

My Fashion Show Part 1

jie jie got nothing to do so she put the t-shirt on me and take pic..
my fashion show is very special coz i'm wearing the same shirt in every pics and also same sunglasses...hope u all enjoy my fashion show....i will post more fashion show pics in the next post....

my sunglasses..nice? sunglasses dropped..

is this pose nice?

same pose as previous pic..

i thought my sunglasses dropped already? y am i still wearing??

looks like sunshine boy...

looks so sleepy...

thinking when can i get a gf?

i look so cool in this pic..

i'm big brother..

stretchhhhhhh...finally finished my photo shooting..


~em0cat~ said...

so cute !! i like that 'big boss' pose haha

Lu's Furkids said...


♥玮倩 said...

Hello Willie,

you looks so aborable even when you're in the same sunglass and tee :DD i wish to have my own fashion show too. hehehe

Best regards

Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

HI Willie!!! Im Twinkle.
Nice blog you have and you look super cool with that sunglass. Mayb I should ask mom to get one for me ho?? hehe

I like you, can I link you to my blog??

slurpy licks,

WiLLie said...

Hi Twinkle, thanks for ur compliment..u looks so innocent..
u should ask ur mum 2 get one for u..
i like 2 wear the sunglasses very much..

ya, of coz u can link me to your blog.. i will link ur blog too..^_^